Monday, August 1, 2016

StarTribune Libels Trump

                The Minneapolis StarTribune should be ashamed of itself. The “newspaper” should be subject to penalties- not just ridicule- and its editors, copywriters, etc., should be placed on unpaid leave, if not given their outright release…for the shockingly misleading front page headline it placed above the fold on its Thursday, July 28 edition: ‘Trump urges Russians to hack Clinton.’ I’ve never been a big Trump supporter, and when I saw that headline this morning I thought to myself, “What a careless thing to say.”
                Then I read the article. What the Donald actually said was, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing.” Speaking at a news conference in Florida, he went on to state: “They probably have them. I’d like to have them released.” This to me is an almost endearing comment. They almost certainly do have them, and they should be released, since Hillary and crew were so reckless in allowing the hacking in the first place and so diligent in their efforts to destroy these “missing” e-mails after the fact. He is tweaking Her Majesty and attempting to undo the cover up. He never “urged the Russians to hack Clinton.” That has already occurred.
                Arguably even worse, the body of this “straight” news article contained this description of Trump’s remark: “Republican nominee Donald trump pleaded directly Wednesday with the Russian government to meddle in the U.S. presidential election by finding and releasing tens of thousands of private e-mails from his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton—an extraordinary and perhaps unprecedented maneuver in American politics.” (Italics mine).
                Yes, there he was, directly pleading, begging for the Russians to meddle in the upcoming election. A colossal misrepresentation, indeed. Trump never said any of that.
                The Clintons actually have been involved in many unprecedented maneuvers in American politics, none of them good, many of them putting their country- and countrymen- in grave danger.
                Can’t focus on the one who jeopardized her nation’s security by using a private server, getting her e-mails hacked and then embarking on a cover up that would have made Tricky Dick blush. Nope, that wouldn’t fit our narrative. Let’s slander Trump…by distorting his comments in block letters, above the fold.
                Hey, StarTribune, Trump doesn’t need your help… he’s (overly!) qualified in making a fool of himself.
                And you do a damn fine job of making yourself look foolish, too.


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