Thursday, August 18, 2016

Louisiana Devastated, Obama Golfing

                Milwaukee burned. President Obama was on vacation, golfing at Martha’s Vineyard.
                Much of Louisiana is under water, caskets are floating down the streets in some locales, already more than 70,000 people have registered for assistance under the federal disaster declaration, at least 13 are dead, 8,400 in shelters. Most of Louisiana has gotten at least a foot of rain in the past week, some areas as much as 30 inches. There are over 40,000 homes damaged. Thirty thousand people have been rescued so far. Where is the President?
                Golfing at Martha’s Vineyard (with Larry David!). He’s on vacation, you know.
                The state has been declared a major disaster zone by the United States Government. Anna Johnson lives near the state’s capital city of Baton Rouge. She told reporters: “We’ve never seen anything like this. It’s worse than Hurricane Katrina. My husband is on rescue missions right now. He has a boat and he’s helping local sheriff’s departments.”
                You may remember how Obama savaged then president Bush 11 years ago, characterizing him as incompetent, uncaring, disengaged and slow to react to the crisis brought on by Katrina. Campaigning for president just a few years later he ridiculed Bush for flying over the floods in Air Force One, stating: “We can talk about what happened for two days in 2005 and we should. We can talk about the levees that couldn’t hold, a FEMA that seemed not just incompetent but paralyzed and powerless, about a president who only saw the people from the window of an airplane instead of down here on the ground.”
                Several days have gone by and Obama hasn’t even flown over Louisiana to get a first-hand look at the damage. Maybe if someone could drive him there in a golf cart he’d agree to make the trek. But don’t worry, the president has been briefed on the catastrophe and has sent Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to survey the area! (He couldn’t even spare Biden?).
                The mass media has, for the most part, shown no interest whatsoever in comparing president Obama’s actions- or lack thereof- to president Bush’s eleven years ago. Irony and fairness are concepts with which they appear to be entirely unfamiliar and uncomfortable.
                That said, the Baton Rouge Advocate- a newspaper based at the epicenter of this calamity- echoed the desperate cries and pleas of many Louisiana residents. It opined: “Now that the flood waters ravaging Louisiana are receding, it’s time for President Barack Obama to visit the most anguished state in the union. Last week, as torrential rains brought death, destruction and misery to Louisiana, the president continued his vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, a playground for the posh and well-connected. And if the president can interrupt his vacation for a swanky fundraiser for fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton, as he did on Monday, then surely he can make time to show up for a catastrophe that’s displaced thousands.”

                Donald Trump will visit the flood-stricken areas tomorrow.

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