Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Olympic Rings Represent Racism

                Who decided what color Olympic ring stood for what land mass/people? And why aren’t progressives protesting the obvious stereotyping involved? Most of us know that the five famous rings  each represent a specific region of the Earth that sends contestants to the storied Games. But, let’s take off our rose-colored glasses and have a closer look.
                Blue stands for Europe? Of course it does, with their Aryan-blue eyes and their blue blood.
                Black stands for Africa. Couldn’t be more obvious than that!
                Red for the Americas? Yes, as the “real” Americans, the original inhabitants, are Redskins, like the football team in the U.S. capital.
                Yellow for Asia? Naturally, the yellow man lives there.
                Green for “Oceania?” Nobody in the world- even in Oceania- could tell you what the hell Oceania means or precisely where it is. Most can’t spell it or properly pronounce it. It is generally considered to encompass lots of islands in the South Pacific Ocean. There are lots of trees and Muslims there, so green it is!
                Still not convinced that this is deliberate racism? In place of these openly hurtful hues, I offer the following suggestions:
1)      One solution would be to arbitrarily, randomly draw the five colors out of a hat, so-to-speak, and assign each in turn to one of five envelopes containing the five regions represented. This way, even if, say, Africa somehow drew black again, it would be documented that it was not an intentional slur.
2)      We could just mix all the colors together and then make all five rings whatever color was produced by doing so.
3)      We could make the Olympic symbol just one ring. By dispensing with four of the rings, we would make the clear statement that we are all together as one. Moreover, we could make the ring contain all five colors of the former rings, each covering exactly 1/5th of this new Olympic-sized “O.”

Ours. Open. One. Overall. Optimum. Olympic. Yaaay!

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