Friday, August 26, 2016

President Obama Hasn't Fulfilled Promise To Family Of ISIS Victim

                President Obama promised the parents of Kayla Mueller, an Islamic State hostage victim, that he would donate to a foundation set up in her name. That was 17 months ago. His promise remains unfulfilled.
                ABC News reported on the vow at the time it was made, with Kayla’s father Carl Mueller saying: “He says ‘I will help that foundation.’ He says ‘you won’t know, it’ll be an anonymous donation, but I will,’” in describing the President’s March, 2015 meeting with the grieving family. Mr. Mueller now says, “I’m still waiting for that donation Mr. President.”
                According to a Fox News report, the White House confirmed the president has not made the donation- but said he intends to.
                Apparently he had to pay off Iran first.
                The Muellers also claim the administration threatened them with prosecution if they paid ransom to ISIS to get their daughter back.

                I guess that’s only a president’s prerogative.

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