Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Satanic Temple Coming To A School Near You

                 Leaders of the “Satanic Temple” are plotting to bring their message to public elementary school children around the United States. They claim that Christian evangelical groups have already “infiltrated” the lives of America’s children through after-school religious programming available in many public schools, and are demanding to give young students a choice: Jesus or Satan. Yay! Who isn’t pro-choice?!!
                “It’s critical that children understand that there are multiple perspectives on all issues, and that they have a choice in how they think,” said Doug Mesner, the Satanic Temple’s co-founder. The group plans to introduce its After School Satan Clubs to public elementary schools, and is petitioning school officials to allow them to open immediately upon the start of the upcoming academic year. Chapter heads from New York, Boston, Utah and Arizona were in Salem (nice touch) on July 10 talking strategy, while others from Minneapolis, Detroit, San Jose, New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Florida participated online. The organization’s official website is: Afterschoolsatan.com. According to the Washington Post, “the curriculum for the proposed after-school clubs emphasizes the development of reasoning and social skills.”  Well, there you have it, then.
                Can’t you picture the scenes soon to unfold across this formerly bucolic fruited-plain?
                “Morning mom, I’m gonna stay after school today.”
                “Oh really, Bobby? Is everything okay?”
                “Yeah, mom…I’m just gonna join a club… it’ll be really cool!”
                “What club is that, son?”
                “Um, it’s the After School Satan Club mom.”
                “Is there a membership fee, honey?”
                “No mom, it’s free.”
                “Okay, great, and don’t forget your lunch. I made you deviled eggs today, dear.”
                Absolute, unquestioned tolerance and inclusion are not to be our salvation. But they may- quite literally- be our pathway to Hell.

***Update 8/5/2016: Utah's Granite School District said that if the After School Satan Club meets certain set requirements, such as paying rent, there's nothing the district can do to stop it. However, district spokesman Ben Horsley said the group won't be able to put up fliers in schools or talk to students during school hours, the same arrangement given to the "Good News Club."***

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