Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Graceland Protest

                Today is the 39th “anniversary” of the death of Elvis Presley. Each year on this date throngs of “the King’s” fans make an annual pilgrimage to Graceland- his Memphis estate- to commemorate his passing. This year they were joined by the Coalition of Concerned Citizens (COCC), an amalgam of perpetually aggrieved groups, including Black Lives Matter, who announced their intent to “shut down Graceland” via a massive protest. Classy.
                What did the King do to piss off Black Lives Matter types? First off, Graceland is a large antebellum style home. Progressive protesters can’t cotton to the idea of a rich white guy living in a large home…unless it’s a progressive rich white guy like Bernie Sanders. (See yesterday’s post).
                Secondly, many blacks believe Elvis profited by “re-appropriating black music” and selling it to the white mainstream. Colonel Sanders invented Kentucky Fried Chicken, but many blacks like eating it. Why should they be allowed to “re-appropriate” his chicken? Haven’t all minorities “re-appropriated” Edison’s light bulb? I mean, where would disco have been without strobe lights?
                To the morons who are using the mourning/celebration of a cultural icon in an ill-conceived attempt to advance their own agendas, all I can say is: “Don’t Be Cruel. Only Fools Rush In... In the Ghetto.”
                ‘Jailhouse Rock’ would sound good about now.

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