Saturday, August 13, 2016

We Can't Ban Evil

                Progressives believe the way to stop violence and increase happiness is to ban everything. Ban guns. Ban ammunition. Ban assault trucks. Ban axes. Ban machetes. Ban knives. Ban baseball bats. Ban weed-whackers. Ban air conditioning. Ban refrigerators. Ban inhalers. Ban shirts with the names of firearm manufacturers on them from our school grounds. Ban fracking. Ban DDT. Ban oil exploration. Ban nuclear power plants. Ban hate-speech (except their own). Ban the Ten Commandments from appearing in public. Ban pastors from reciting certain Bible passages. Ban designated-sex bathrooms. Ban the sale of soft drinks in containers over 16 ounces. Ban trans-fats…do you see a pattern?
                All of this is purportedly for ‘our own good.’ But banning things is not progressive, is not the answer. We are a train racing blindly down the wrong track…towards a deep, dark abyss.
                Inanimate objects aren’t the problem. The “problem” is evil. We can’t ban evil. But we can recognize its existence. And we can fight it and defeat it.

                That is precisely what must happen, if we are to prevent the extinction of freedom and morality.

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