Monday, August 29, 2016

Bill And Hillary Clinton Donate To Their Favorite Charity: The Clintons!

                Bill and Hillary Clinton earned $10,745,378 last year according to their newly-released tax returns, primarily from public speeches. The Clintons raped colleges and universities in particular, sometimes to the tune of two or three-hundred-thousand-dollars per bloviation.
                The power couple, who professed to be penniless upon leaving the White House after Bill’s second term, did give a significant amount of their income to charity last year, though. The duo claimed $1,042,000 in charitable deductions for 2015. A mere $1,000,000 of that went to their very own Clinton Family Foundation. (The Clintons actually have two separate “non-profits,” the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Family Foundation, and have total control of each entity’s funds).
                The other $42,000 was selflessly given to Desert Classic Charities, a group that hosts an annual PGA golf event. Coincidentally, Doug Band, a Clinton Foundation adviser and Bill Clinton’s longtime assistant, was on the board of directors of that organization until 2015, according to its IRS filings.
                In a completely unrelated bit of inexplicably fortuitous financial flukery, Desert Classic Charities then proceeded to contribute $700,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Remarkable! And DCC only gave out a total of $1.6 million dollars to every possible charitable cause on Earth in 2015. They must’ve really thought the Clinton Foundation was the “bees knees” if they gave nearly half of all their donations for the year to this one astoundingly altruistic Clinton Fund.
                In summation, the Clinton’s “donated” $1,042,000 and ended up with $1,700,000 more in their two Foundations. They personally ended up $658,000 ahead! Talk about “giving ‘til it hurts”! Is there no end to their largess? I guess it’s true that you do have to give if you want to receive. You can’t make this up! Purveyors of multi-level marketing scams, ponzi schemes, routine “pay-for-play” endeavors, and classic old shell-games have to blush and give a doff of their collective hats to this dynamic Democratic duo!


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