Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sticker Shock

                 “You Can’t Hug Your Kids With Nuclear Arms” was a popular progressive bumper sticker back in its day.  Really? You don’t say? The only proper response to that would be “You Can’t Change Your Kid’s Diaper With A Fire Hydrant Either, But That Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t Necessary, Einstein!” 

                This bumper sticker phrase implies that either most who read it don’t actually realize that they can’t hug their kids with nuclear weapons or that they don’t care about  kids as much as the owner of the car bearing the sticker does. Else there would be no need for their ‘wisdom’ to be shared in this broad manner. And this to try to make themselves look and feel superior?

                To me, this is true ‘hate speech’. It insults and denigrates the reader on so many basic levels, while making the purveyor of the message feel holier-than-thou yet actually appear clinically insane.

                Sadly, I just saw one of these stickers on a car the other day. And to think that this prime bumper space could otherwise have been used for truly important and rational messages like “Co-exist”!

                Oh well.

                “Save The Whales”!


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