Sunday, September 7, 2014

Recent Headlines

*”Putin: ‘I could take Kiev in two weeks’”

*”A 2nd U.S. hostage slain; new pressure on U.S. to act: Obama remains cautious about retaliating against Islamic State”

*”U.S. tries to take out a top Somali extremist: fate of al-Shabaab leader unknown”

*”Obama: ‘we don’t have a strategy for dealing with ISIS yet’” 

*”China ramps up aggression over internationally recognized borders, waters; challenges U.S.”

*”Illegal alien children pour across border, Obama vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard”

*”Foreign policy crises intrude on Obama vacations”

*”Obama struggles to find his role after Brown death”

*”Putin peace plan: status quo (we keep our recent gains, you withdraw)”

                And then, incredibly, this:                                                              


*”Obama to visit Estonia to reassure Baltic allies”  !!

I’m sure they  will feel warm, fuzzy and supremely  confident that they are completely protected by his bold and decisive assurances.


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