Saturday, September 20, 2014

"Partial- Birth Coexistence"

                 A Follow-Up to the Previous Post and "Sticker Shock" (from last week)

                Love those 'Coexist' bumper stickers. Rocket scientry! A bit vague, though. If one is  aware one exists and can see other beings...? We know what's meant, however.

               Coexist with...skinheads? Fascists? Mitt Romney? Fox News? Sarah Palin? Proud and overt heterosexuals? Global warming? Invasive species? Crazy, just leading you guys on, lol.

              No, you mean coexist with abortion. Not with the baby I guess.( He/she might really agree with those sticker sentiments, but doesn’t get the choice!).

              Coexist with all the liberal media outlets and ideas, of course. Political-correctness? Certainly.  With illegal immigration? Absolutely. Executive power grabs and the trampling of the Constitution? You betcha'. Perhaps terrorists,  NAMBLA,  the decline and fall of Western Civilization?

               (Sorry to beat the proverbial 'horse no longer in existence,' but  don't like to coexist with rank hypocrisy. Especially when it turns into overt intimidation of the already tolerant, decent majority).

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