Friday, September 26, 2014

The U.S.A.? R.I.P.

                Ironically, the '8th- grade' educated Americans of our past were more mature and self-disciplined- and possessed of more common sense- than the '18th- grade' educated and hyper-credentialed Americans of today, who have been both feminized and infantilized. It shows in the inane actions of 'our' government today as well as those of some of 'its' citizens, as opposed to the remarkable achievements of both in our past. We’re not going to the moon anymore, nor are we winning any wars…or even declaring them, no matter the barbarism and existential threat we face. And natural law, the founding bedrock of our nation, our uniqueness, is either unknown, ignored or mocked.  Those who have jobs requiring highly specific skills and/or  an extensive education toss away the ladder after they've climbed to the top. They protect and isolate themselves by unionizing and requiring more and more degrees, certificates and the like for anybody to follow them into their chosen field. Then, the unions take their money and use it to fund only one political party. America as it was founded-and intended to be- is dead. The victim, in part, of a “community organizer’s” jealousy and hatred-spawned plea for “hope and change”. And of American’s naivete’ and tolerance, lack of historical knowledge and understandable desire for a black president to get a chance to do great things.

                We literally possess all the energy needed to insure a stout economy indefinitely, but not the will or mental acuity and toughness to do so. We don’t make much anymore, or invent as many things as we used to. Although we have helped invent the “global warming/climate change” fallacy and are the home of many- if not most- of its besotted “true believers”.

                The rest of the world will have to deal with our demise, and the resulting ramifications on hope, faith and especially freedom. (Some of you should have been more careful what you wished for).

                The “shining city on a hill” has slid into the abyss.

                The U.S.A.? R.I.P.

                Notice what’s happening around the world lately?

                Welcome to a thousand years of darkness.


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