Friday, September 19, 2014

Liberally Intolerant

               Tolerance is the highest virtue screams the left! Diversity is number two! Yes, let's tolerate the silver head carp and all its invasive species brothers and sisters! Let us tolerate global warming! Climate change? That's the very definition of diversity! Didn't we hope and vote for change?! Let's welcome it in a non-judgmental fashion!  Yet, there sure are a lot of people who don't seem to be very tolerant of, say, the Tea Party (“Tea-baggers”? Hey, labels disable, libs). Strange, as they are trying to help us reconnect with our founding principles as the most tolerant society in history, with a constitution that explicitly protects all individual’s freedoms of speech, religion, assembly, etc., etc. and promotes equality.

                Intolerance? Go to North Korea for example. Start talking trash about the “Dear Leader”. Say he’s fat and goofy looking, and a brutal thug to boot. Nice knowing ya’!

                Try the Middle East. Shariah law is awesome! Especially if you’re a woman. Gay? Maybe a journalist?  Heard good things about Venezuela, too. And Cuba.  Soviet Union 2.0 Russia? Perhaps it’s just bad timing. I’m sure it will be lovely soon. Albania, Armenia…do they still exist? China? (That’s only a fourth of all the people on Earth, right there).

                The Sudan? Libya? Somalia?

                Other celebrated citadels of close-mindedness? MSNBC, the NEA (both of them), NPR, 98% of colleges and universities, Hollywood, Nancy Pelosi? Not much real “diversity” amongst any of the aforementioned.

                Logically, one would think a  black conservative would be a celebrated and treasured member of a modern-day diverse community. Nope. “Uncle Tom”. “Not true to his/her blackness, heritage or community”. It is nothing short of stupefying…and appalling. Instead of being seen as exhibiting that blacks-as others- are independent of thought, are of their own mind beholden to no one, and are present and valued members of political groups across all spectrums…they are mocked and told that blacks only think and behave in certain ways! This is where we’ve progressed to? The very definition of racism? You are “black” and because you are we (liberals, Democrats)  know you can only think this way or act this way. If you think any other way, we won’t tolerate like it. (And there is a perfectly valid reason why. If you act and think in the ways we expect and want, it gives us great power. Over you…and everybody else. But you don’t really need to know that. Have a nice day!).

                Where are the people and pundits saying that Harry Reid or Chris Christie can’t hold the views they do because they aren’t true to their “whiteness”?

                Racism? Tolerance? Diversity? Think about it.

                Those “progressives” on the left can tell an entire race what to think, and can get away with comparing Bush to Hitler and using vile slurs against those they disagree with politically. All while claiming the moral high ground. Yet if someone of a different political persuasion so much as questions Michael Mann’s ridiculous  global- warming “hockey- stick” graph they get shuttled away to a bleeping gulag.





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