Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Is the Climate Right for a Change?


                Recently, Climate Change scares/threats have been published, aired, trumpeted and touted at an alarming pace. But what is meant by change? (And why is it no longer called Global Warming)?

              Change is the one constant. In fact I’d say it always has been, but that would be redundant. No one can logically claim to use evidence of ‘change’ alone as proof of anything or any theory, crackpot or not.

                Day into night, summer into fall, fall into winter, the cycles of life. Everything changes. People are born and people die, changing all the while as they age; physically, spiritually and intellectually (except, perhaps, for some climate change scientists).

                Some winters- and epochs- are colder and snowier than ‘normal’ ( we shouldn’t generalize and label!) around these parts, some warmer and drier, some colder and drier, some warmer and wetter. It’s the same anywhere else.

                What is the exact correct period of time to ascertain/determine and measure ‘normal’- or change? Is it a day, a week, a month, a year? Silly, of course not! Ten years then, a hundred, a thousand? Million?  Perhaps a billion years is the correct measuring stick. Does it matter? Yes, and I happen to know it’s  2,014 years. But that’s just me and I am not a scientist. But I digress.

                Cosmically speaking, a nanosecond ago (in the 1970’s) we were terribly worried about global cooling. Now it’s the opposite. Yet the 1930’s were ‘historically’ warm, and this summer has been historically cool across the U.S. Last winter was brutally cold. The farmer’s Almanac predicts this winter to be of similar frigidity. The record high temperature for September 8th in these parts was 104 degrees in 1931. The record cold temperature for the same date? 26  degrees in 1942. That’s 78 degrees of separation on the same date just eleven years apart.

               According to scientists, the supercontinent Pangaea drifted apart  (for some reason; we weren’t here yet) 250 million years ago or thereabouts. That was change. The ‘Big Bang’ was change on a vast and inconceivable scale.  The Mother of All Changes.


                The point? The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) now claims that Illinois alone has enough coal to power the United States for 163 years at 2014 consumption levels!  Think about that. Yet we are being told by certain ‘authorities’ and governmental policy wonks that we can’t use it, have to leave most of it in the ground so we don’t risk exacerbating climate change. Folks, we voted to fundamentally change America- twice- in the past six years. And changed it is. We are poorer, less free, farther from our founding principles and less respected around the world. Cheaper energy would change many family’s lives for the better. In fact, economically speaking, cheaper energy changes everything.

                Let’s change our representatives in Washington in the next two plus years. Let’s deny the climate change fascist’s sycophants in government the power to aid and abet them.

                And let’s utilize something from Illinois that will actually benefit this country…for a change.





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