Thursday, September 25, 2014

Climate Controlled

               “Climate change” has to be the lamest term/concept ever. Are they really going to get away with this? When/why were the words drought, flood, hot, cold, etc. coined in various languages over eons? (Another natural system would be the human body. Why are we different at 25 years old then we were at 5 years old? Or at 85 years old as from 25? Ever been hot? Cold?).

                Weather changes?! Incredible. Short term or long term? Ice age or tropical? The 'average temperature' for most locales is made up of extremes and isn't the 'most common' temperature for that day.  I've noticed it typically gets cooler and darker at night, yet seems to get warmer and lighter during the day. Winter cooler, summer warmer. Weird, but significant!

           Climate change? Really? Should there be a large thermostat somewhere that allows us- man- to select the perfect politically-correct temperature for every place on Earth over time?  What do ‘they’ want...climate control? Oh, yeah, like control of everything else.

 Both  ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ alarmists predict ever increasing frequency and intensity of hurricanes and tropical storms among other volatility. Yet the last 3 to 4 years have been one of the calmest periods in history in this regard.

        There is more, not less, Antarctic ice than there was a year ago. Last winter- in the United States at least- was brutally, historically cold. Many are predicting the same or worse for us this coming winter. “Refridgernation” as the Farmer’s Almanac called us.

        Where’s that damn “El Nino” effect when you really need it?

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