Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Memo To The 60's Generation

                Unfortunately, the “Beat” generation isn’t beat just yet. Listen up flower-power people. You ushered in the drug era, had very bad taste in clothes, helped pave the way for skyrocketing illegitimacy rates (which, as an end result, tends to decimate the lives of children), abortion (kills children), and the culture of victimization that is even now reeking havoc upon the land.

                Many of you dodged the draft and thereby sent others to be killed in your stead. Others protested, even spat upon, those who went in your place to preserve your rights and freedoms to, apparently, protest and spit on them.

                Despising authority figures (i.e. the U.S. military, government, teachers, clergy, etc.), you helped fan the fires- literally- of riots and revolution.

                Ah, but eventually you came into power; came of age, very loosely speaking. You were who you were waiting for! Now you are the establishment. You are the government in large part, academia in nearly its entirety, and even most of the clergy.

                How you love the power!  Many of you will do anything to hold on to it, taste it, wield it. Lies, treason, selling of souls- indeed the country in some cases- to the highest bidder are the order of the day. And you tell the people they can’t survive without the government’s- i.e. your- help! Incredible.

                A tad ironic, actually, but you won’t admit that. You now use the military- continually putting those who didn’t shirk their duty in harm’s way- for every little occasion that suits your fancy, just not for the one reason that it exists…to do whatever is necessary to protect the national interests of the United States of America and her people. Odd.

                The schools you have wrought through billions and billions and billions of dollars in additional funding in recent years can’t- or won’t- effectively teach many kids reading, writing, math, history, and geography. Certainly don’t teach much about the Founders and their role in bringing forth a unique country that, based on unique principles of individual freedom,  has demonstrably changed the world dramatically for the better. Well, who could ever use that kind of an education in real life? What’s important is that they know that Heather could have two mommies, or that they can put a condom on a banana or deftly hug a tree. Ever looked at the tests our kids took in the early part of the 20th century- or the previous one- many in one-room school houses? How many answers would you know? Classical literature, Latin, Austrian economists, rhetoric, debate, the foundation of Western thought, Locke, Disraeli, Montesquieu, Socrates, Plato, etc., etc. But really, not much happened, in the 1800’s or 1900’s anyway, until the 1960’s or so when you came along.

                You tend to mistrust the wealthy from industry. Those who risked all to advance medicine, science, electronics, manufacturing, retail, and the extraction and production of energy which makes all  of the aforementioned possible, while providing jobs for you and the tax base for your government to spend on the problems you helped create. (All to no avail as the problems are those of discipline, responsibility and morality…the soul).

                Yet you tend to love Hollywood. The mega-millionaires that spend days on Sunset Boulevard trying to pick out an outfit that is shocking…and that no one else will be wearing. Those who pretend to be someone else, recite lines written by others, when others tell them to do so, in the manner others direct them to. And many of these 'genuine faux' people, these celebrities, some famous only for being famous, are considered sages. Which is not the case for those few, brave politically-incorrect souls (often the most talented, grounded and ‘real’) who don’t toe the party line. The open-minded tolerance you preach fails you here. You can say things like “intolerance is bad” or “violence is shameful” which anybody would agree with on the surface. Yet you then can say, however, as Alec Baldwin did, that “we should kill  Henry Hyde and STONE HIS KIDS!” And be taken seriously, no real repercussions. No questions asked by the mainstream media.

                Some of you have rebelled against the West…you know… the ‘New World’. The place that everybody risks their lives to get to. Many of you detest Judeo-Christian values  and mock the  free-market, capitalist system that is responsible for the wealth you possess.

                Many of you have waged a war on religion (except Islam), true learning, the concepts of ‘truth’ and ‘right and wrong’, morality, real tolerance, the Ten Commandments, babies in the womb and people who happen to have been born northern European males. Including yourselves.

                “Consequences? I don’t need your stinking consequences!” you shout.

                To paraphrase Churchill, I urge those of you of this ilk and mindest in positions of power to go. “Go. Be gone with you. You have sat here far too long for any good you have done. And, in fact, the damage has been great.”

                If your parents were the “Greatest Generation,” yours surely is the most pathetic one. If there somehow is a causal link, here’s a complete pardon of your parents.

                Go now…to retirement, and let us have done with you. Let’s hope you don’t screw that up, too.


And now, my “John Hancock moment”. I myself am a member of the Baby Boomers, the 60’s generation.

                And the beat goes on.





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