Saturday, September 27, 2014

Moore, Oklahoma and an American Beheading

                  Another brutal murder on our soil, inflicted on innocents, by a  Muslim. And a  first for America…a beheading. The mainstream media usually immediately rules out the possibility of Islam playing any part in these crimes (terrorist attacks) and many speculate that it’s probably “tea-baggers”, conservatives, friends of George ‘W’ Bush or a rogue Fox News reporter responsible for the carnage. When this hope never pans out they blame a gun. It is amusing to watch them walk back the story until it becomes clear to any sentient being, no matter how they obfuscate, that it was an act of Islamist terror, almost always preceded by the voicing of “Allahu Akbar!” Since this beheading was carried out using a knife and the perpetrator was stabbing another victim when he was  stopped by an off-duty reserve  deputy (and Chief Operating Officer of the company) who shot him with a gun, the usual opening bullshit was dispensed with and they went right to calling it an unfortunate case of “workplace violence”.

                This is akin to calling the Germans’ deliberate attempt to destroy London from the air in WWII (by indiscriminately bombing civilian and industrial areas almost every night for weeks on end) “geopolitical tension-releasing”. In this day and age, throwing a pencil at a co-worker would qualify as "workplace violence". Beheading a boss or co-worker would seem to require the use of a stronger and more accurate term.

                The woman who was beheaded didn’t previously rob a convenience store. She was a totally  innocent non-combatant. Comparing this to another recent tragedy brings a question to mind.  Are the citizens of Moore, Oklahoma,  rioting in the streets against Muslims or Islamic extremist violence?

                The killer has a picture of himself holding a sign on a "social media" ("anti-social media" in this case?) site. The sign says "Freedom can go to hell."

                I don't believe "freedom" can actually go to hell.
                But he will.


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