Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Illinois To Give Bonuses To Universities For Enrolling Students Of Color?


Subsequent to a recommendation by something called the Illinois Commission on Equitable Public University Funding (ICEPUF?), the Land of Lincoln could soon give bonuses to universities for enrolling students of color. The proposal by the state government body is purportedly intended to address “historic inequities” in education.

Most universities receive significant funding from governments, either directly or indirectly. Moreover, many have bloated endowment funds. In fact, colleges and universities go after cash like Michael Moore after a chocolate eclair or Stormy Daniels after a loose dollar bill. Given that so-called “institutions of higher learning” tend to be shameless money-grabbers, passage of a bill bestowing moola on schools for enrolling non-whites would have a profound effect on those institutions, non-whites, and society at large.  

              Giving bonuses to schools based on the skin color of their students is blatantly unconstitutional. It is also morally wrong. And detrimental to the health of a free republic.

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