Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Men Are Under Attack-- Especially Straight, White, Judeo-Christian Ones


This is no country for old men. It’s no country for young men, either. And that could be said about the greater Western world. Men are under attack. Period. Especially straight white ones. Even more so if they happen to be Christians or Jews, as well. (Anyone who denies this is simply too ridiculous to acknowledge.)

Toxic masculinity” is considered by progressives to be a major problem. Men in commercials and advertisements are often made to look like complete ignoramuses. (“Honey, can you show me how to use the toaster?” Or, “I was going to make some ice cubes for the party tonight, dear, but I forgot the recipe.”)

And it is not just men that are being disparaged, as previously noted. It is Christians, patriots, pro-lifers, MAGA types, and, of course, Jews. That’s a significant number of groups of which leftists are anything but inclusive or tolerant. But our current “rulers,” for there is sadly no better way to describe them, see the rapidly changing demographics, in large part brought about by their own policies, and act accordingly-- to assure and enhance their own power into the foreseeable future.

And our rulers are also continually seeking to enhance their ability to spy on those with whom they disagree, and, ultimately, punish them. (Okay, in some cases possibly even eradicate them. See also Donald Trump, and those at the Capitol on Jan. 6.)  Big Academia, the mainstream media, and The Deep State are fine with that, acting as remoras to the sharks that comprise the Biden administration, Canadian government, and the Council of the Europeon European Union.

In an apparent irony, the more the hyper-progressive leftists attempt to portray their political opponents as “fascists” and “Hitlerian,” the more they reveal themselves to thinking people to be just that. But their go to ploy is projection, and too many gullible folks still somehow fall for it.

So, Trump is in court, trying to avoid being put in prison by his political opponents…for unspecified un-crimes. Pro-Hamas supporters are chasing Jews off college campuses. And conservative speakers, too. The Biden administration has indefinitely jailed many protesters who dared to approach “the People’s House” on Jan. 6, along with numerous pro-life activists. Speak out against government policy regarding pandemics, mandated vaccinations, abortion (“women’s health care”), or any of a multitude of other topics, and you are likely to be mocked, threatened, coerced, canceled—or worse. Christian churches have been vandalized and set on fire across the West.

The current wickedly surreal atmosphere feels to me as if 1938 met 1984, and produced a baby named 2024 (that “progressives” like Biden and Trudeau somehow failed to abort).

Where to from here?


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