Thursday, May 2, 2024

Girls Banned From Girls' Track Meet For Refusing To Compete Against Boy


When first I read of five female West Virginia 8th-graders who had been banned from participating  in their next track meet because they refused to compete against a biological male, I was angry. But I assumed it was a competition involving running, either short or long distances. I was going to illustrate absurdity by being even more absurd and compare it to a similar situation involving the shot put.

And then I discovered it was the shotput event that they were boycotting after a circuit court exempted the boy (who claims to be a girl) from a state law that prevents males from competing on female sports’ teams.

So I have to try harder to be absurd. What’s next, grade-school girls who refuse to compete against college men in the hammer-throw being banned from competition?

The girls have been banned from participating in a girls’ track meet so as not to offend the boy who is being allowed to participate in the girls’ track meet? WTF?! I mean what the effing eff?!!

That perfectly sums up the lunacy and lies that pervade our ailing culture today.

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