Sunday, May 26, 2024

Scottish Green Party Expels Members For Stating Biological Truth


The Scottish Green Party recently expelled 13 members for asserting that “sex is a biological reality.” The 13 now ex-greenies had the temerity, the gall, shall we say the chutzpah, to sign a declaration stating that biological women were entitled to sex-based rights and protections, and expressing concern that gender critical views were being “silenced.” Well, I never! They are lucky they didn’t receive the death penalty!

The unlucky 13 were ejected because their fellow party members decided that they somehow posed a risk to the “safety of all trans and non-binary members.” What about the risk trans and non-binary members demonstrably pose to non-trans and binary members, especially females? (By way of historical context, in 2018, the Scottish Green Party adopted a rule that said “trans-exclusionary individuals of any kind are not welcome as members.” Talk about exclusionary! LOL! Not very welcoming or tolerant!)

The truth is dangerous to those who have an agenda opposing it. Galileo’s belief in a heliocentric universe threatened Catholic authorities of his time. He was forced to recant his beliefs…and spend the rest of his life under house arrest.

That is comparable to what is happening now to those who dare to posit that there are, essentially, only two sexes, males and females. (Or to those who don’t believe abortion is a “natural right,” or that the coronavirus vaccine mandates were perfectly ethical and legal, or that Jan. 6 was in no way an “insurrection,” Etc., etc.) In fact, the non-religious religion of leftism is far less tolerant, far more vicious, and entertains actions far more vile than anything Catholics thought of doing to Galileo-- or anybody else. That is simply historically-- and statistically-- inarguable. Our modern day “experts/scientists” want to burn nonbelievers at the stake, at least figuratively.

But if sex isn’t a biological reality, nothing is. Humans aren’t, dogs aren’t, etc., as none of us would be here without it. And what about the (formerly?) respected concept of species? Maybe species aren’t real, either.

I, for one, am sick and tired of the new bioillogical reality. It isn’t science, it isn’t biology, and it isn’t reality. At best, it’s a fad and an adventure in pushing the envelope. At worst, it is an attack on God. (See Genesis.)

We are supposed to seek truth. The Bible tells us so. Though, if it didn’t, it would still be a logical imperative. That many are now facing severe punishment for telling the truth is more than troubling. To some, it could possibly be a sign of the end times. It is certainly a sign of very bad times. As Orwell so aptly noted, “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” We have drifted far from the truth now, and those of us who openly and routinely state it are routinely savaged. But that must not deter us from seeking—or stating—it.

That, too, is the truth, no matter what the Scottish Green Party and other “experts” say.



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