Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Google Deterring Searches About Election Fraud, Etc.?


According to a recent report in lifesitenews, Google appears to be attempting to deter searches about “election fraud” by using auto-fill suggestions totally unrelated to elections.

The report claims that, when a person types “election fr” or “election “fra” into Google’s search engine, instead of auto-suggesting phrases that begin with “election,” as would be typical, Google primarily suggests variations of “ejection fraction.” What’s more, after one types in “election frau” or “election fraud,” Google’s auto-filled suggestions disappear entirely, another extremely unusual occurrence.

{The following is satire. You know, a “spoof.”]

Alright, Google, let’s try this.

I type in “election fra” and what is returned?:

Midsection broad? Section of sod? Objection to Maude? Reflection yawed? Ejected your wad? Affection for Claude? Rejection of God? Perfection of bawd? Projection of cod? Infection of Todd? Deflection of scrod? Correction rod? Complexion odd? Collection pod? Erection flawed?

Speaking of frauds…

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