Sunday, May 19, 2024

Consciousness...What A Concept!



Could there be a different consciousness-- or different consciousnesses-- in a different world, or worlds? Could there be many different, or even an infinite number of different worlds and consciousnesses? Can other consciousnesses ponder the existence of other consciousnesses in the same way that ours can? Are there other beings on other worlds, right now, wondering if there are other beings and other worlds out there?

Or, are there some that are unaware of even their own consciousness? If so, they assuredly don't ask similar questions…or are not equipped with consciousness at all.

As we struggle to determine the nature of our own consciousness as human beings, we must admit that we don’t really know much for certain.

Those that think they know it all, or most of it, are full of it. “Experts” and “scientists” that brook no argument—or debate-- and say things like “the science is settled” are not really experts or scientists at all. Most of today’s “elites” sadly fall into this category. They wish to appear omniscient and tend to dismiss God. Because they do not want the competition. Ignorance and arrogance make for a dangerous combo.

The smartest folks are aware of how little they know.

And we need more of them in our institutions and political offices.


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