Friday, May 3, 2024

Three For Free


Three For Free

*A second Boeing whistleblower has died suddenly, supposedly due to a “fast-spreading infection.”  I really don’t want to believe Boeing is that evil. Do the Clintons own Boeing stock?!

*Cardinal Reinhard Marx recently stated that a law allowing abortion up to 12 weeks from conception “contributed to peace” in Germany. I suppose earlier Germans thought the same thing about slaughtering Jews up to 12 weeks from arriving at a concentration camp.

*Elementary school teachers and staff at the Granite Ridge Indoctrination Education Centre in Ontario, Canada, wore rainbow-colored LGBTQ “pride” apparel to work recently after an online news outlet published an article chronicling the suspension of a student who dared to wear a sweatshirt to school that read “There are only two genders.” I’m guessing the “educators” wouldn’t be caught dead wearing shirts—or anything else—stating “Christian Pride” or “Heterosexual Pride.” Would anyone even make those shirts? “Pride” is one of the Seven Deadly Sins according to Christian tradition. And, according to the Bible, it goeth before a fall. We can only hope.

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