Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Biden Administration Stabbing Israel In The Back?


From Front Page Magazine:

The Israeli journalist Amit Segal published a Hebrew-language story in the popular Israeli news outlet Mako that reveals an American betrayal of Israel of stupefying magnitude. “Very senior officials associated with the International Criminal Court in The Hague,” wrote Segal, “have spoken about Israel’s fear of arrest warrants for senior officials in the context of the war in Gaza. The officials told N12 [Mako’s broadcast channel] that the intention to issue such orders would not have been possible without American consent.”

If this recent report should prove accurate, this would constitute one of the most egregious betrayals of one supposed ally by another…in recorded history. With friends like the Biden administration, who needs enemies? And, sadly, Israel has lots of those.

Should these allegations prove true, it would mean that Biden and his puppet masters are not content with attempting to incarcerate political opponents here at home, but also actively seek to have those they dislike abroad arrested-- with the aid of an international body! To my knowledge, even Hitler and his minions didn’t do that.

Apparently not content with the Afghanistan debacle/disaster (and accidentally donating billions of dollars in crack military equipment to the likes of the Taliban after hastily bugging out), nor with promulgating an endless war in Eastern Europe, Biden and Crew have now pivoted to stabbing a long-time ally—and the only democracy in the Middle east—in the back.

Again, should the report be born out, it would clearly illustrate that the Biden administration itself is an Illegitimate, protofascist regime bent on destabilizing other nations, including historically friendly ones.

How does one say “FJB” in Hebrew?



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