Monday, May 27, 2024

Did Justice Alito Appeal To Heaven? Would That Be A Bad Thing?


The article in the New York Times was headlined, “Provocative flag flown at second Alito home.” The “provocative” flag that Justice Alito allegedly flew? It has a pine tree on it…and the words “An Appeal To Heaven.” By God they oughta fry him! A pine tree? “Appeal to heaven?!” What kind of sick S.O.B. would support a pine tree and an appeal to heaven, right?

Those at The Times are always busybodies when it comes to anything that anyone they deem conservative does, implies, eats, wears, or is in the vicinity of. On the other hand, they are utterly uninterested in even the most bizarre and shocking—indeed criminal-- behavior of anyone on the left. (See also Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, etc., etc.)

The Times article professed to be concerned that the flying of this particular flag could be evidence that Justice Alito is prejudiced in his decisions-- and would perhaps even lend himself to a “push to remake American government in Christian terms.” Memo to the old Gray Lady: though the founders would not countenance an official government-sponsored religion, America was founded entirely on Judeo-Christian values and was expected to live up to them for the foreseeable future. (That it didn’t in terms of equal opportunity for Black folks led to, among other things, the Civil War-- and 620,000 dead.)

The article goes on to state, “photographs obtained by the New York Times, along with accounts from a half-dozen neighbors and passersby, show the Appeal to Heaven flag was aloft at the Alito home on Long Beach Island in July and September 2023. A Google street-view image from late August also shows the flag.” It adds, “It is not clear whether the flag was displayed continuously during those months or how long it was flown overall.” Um, who cares? “Passersby?” Really?

Later, the article blithely implied that Trump tried to “overturn the last presidential election.” It continued: “The disclosure about the new flag is troubling, several ethics experts said in interviews, because it ties Alito more closely to symbols associated with the attempted election subversion on January 6.” The article also noted “the flag could be seen as telegraphing the Alitos’ views."

And more: “Until about a decade ago, the Appeal to Heaven flag was mostly a historical relic. But since then it has been revived to represent ‘a theological vision of what the United states should be and how it should be governed,’ said Matthew Taylor, a religion scholar at the institute of Islamic Christian Jewish studies.”

The article closed thusly: “When the times visited the house Wednesday, the flagpole was bare.” Whew. Ugh.

The appeal to heaven flag is a founders era banner. The pine tree represented strength and resilience, while “appeal to heaven” was a plea to God to be delivered from tyranny. In these times of high inflation and crime rates, escalating drug use, crumbling families, and nearly world-wide conflict, strength and resilience are needed now more than ever. Perhaps the only thing more needed—and apropos—would be a heartfelt appeal to heaven. We have fallen under the tyranny, not of the British, but of The Left here in this country. And their cravenly sycophantic friends in the Deep State, Big Government, Big Academia, Big Media, Big Tech, and Big Business.

We all know the progressive justices are completely given over to their ideology, whether they fly flags or not. Does the Times routinely check their car bumpers to see if they sport “Coexist” bumper stickers-- or ones stating, “You can’t hug your kids with nuclear arms?” And no one, especially those in the mainstream media, complains about anyone in any position flying an LGBTQ flag. They probably wouldn’t mind—might even be pleased—if it was a Palestinian banner that had been hoisted. The “Jolly Roger” flag is nearly as ubiquitous as the LGBTQ banners. Over the centuries they have variously symbolized piracy, death, or even “the devil at sea.” No one is bothered by this.

Alito didn’t fly a Nazi flag. Or the Hammer & Sickle. If people get upset seeing banners that represent American Heritage, such as the Gadsden Flag, it won’t be long until “Old Glory” is deemed offensive, as well. Soon it, too, will be called a symbol of the “far-right.”

If we are ever to extricate ourselves from the soft but growing tyranny in which we are currently ensnared, “An Appeal To Heaven” would be a necessary first step.

Maybe that is why they despise it so.



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