Monday, May 6, 2024

Biden Administration Continues Its Attack On Energy


Biden Administration Continues Its Attack On Energy

(No, I’m not speaking of the president “calling a lid” at 3 PM or appearing nearly comatose during certain speeches.)

 As part of its sweeping climate change agenda. the Bite me Biden administration recently finalized regulations that will make things much harder on existing-- and future-- fossil fuel-fired power plants.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and White House officials, via a joint announcement, noted that the rules and regulations would apply to all coal-fired power generation and future natural gas power plants, which will be required to control/capture 90% of their carbon emissions. This will force numerous older plants to simply shut down, or, to use the softer sounding euphemism, be “sunsetted.”

It's certainly reassuring that the administration has its priorities in order! Forget the open southern border across which millions of unvetted foreigners are streaming, mostly military aged men! Forget 100,000 fentanyl deaths a year and the rampant sex trafficking! Dismiss raging inflation and violent crime! Who cares about unsustainable debt, wars breaking out across the planet, and the ongoing violent anti-Semitism spreading across our college campuses?! Ditto for the continued collapse of the family and the impending collapse of Western nation’s populations! The Biden administration is properly laser-focused on limiting Americans’ choices in appliances, vehicles-- and elections-- and in trying to significantly drive up the cost of their food and energy.

Our power plants may soon blow no smoke, but the same cannot be said of the Biden administration.




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