Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Democrats Are Proving The Existence, Validity Of The Great Replacement Theory


The House of Representatives voted to add a citizenship question to the census in an attempt to block illegal immigrants from skewing the redistricting and Electoral College apportionment processes. Rep. Chuck Edwards (R-Ill.) introduced the bill, H.R. 7109, months ago and it has since acquired more than 100 co-sponsors.

The lower chamber recently passed the Equal Representation Act by a 206 to 202 margin, the voting entirely along party lines. (22 representatives abstained.) However, the measure is expected to be dead on arrival in the Democrat controlled Senate. Not one Democrat voted for the bill, meaning they wish to continue the status quo of counting non-citizens in the census—which is used to apportion representation in both the House and the Electoral College.

This is just one more example of Democrats spitting in the face of traditional Americans. Today’s Democrats have made it clear that they will choose to benefit illegal aliens at the expense of American citizens in every case. (They do this not to “save our democracy,” but to destroy it. And guarantee one party rule, theirs, until the Earth spontaneously combusts due to global warming.) That American citizens have put up with this for several years now is beyond astounding.  

We are frequently told by progressive leaders-- and elites around the world-- that The Great Replacement Theory is just a figment of conservatives’ imaginations, a fever dream of the “far right.” But, like so many other supposed “conspiracy theories” lately, it is all too real. The truth is, and always was, that The Great Replacement Theory is real, and not just a theory. It is happening. Right now. We are letting it happen. And, at some point, so many of us will have been replaced—or effectively cancelled—that it will not be possible to fight back.

To save this nation, another Great Replacement must take place. We must replace every representative who voted against the Equal Representation Act. And vote to replace the Biden administration, too.

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