Monday, December 25, 2023

Democrats Push For Ever Younger Voters


Massachusetts Rep. and ‘Squad’ member Ayanna Pressley held a press conference recently to announce that she is pushing to allow incarcerated persons and people as young as 16 to vote. (I am sure, however, that she would exempt Trump from that largess should he ultimately be locked up by his political rivals.)

Some have pushed for the minimum voting age to be lowered to 12.

A few folks even believe there should be no legal minimum age to vote. Or, put another way, the minimum voting age should be zero! Not kidding.

I’ve previously suggested that Democrats push for the maximum age for aborting one’s child to be the same as the minimum age for letting them vote. Which I whimsically put at 9. Or maybe 6. In light of this, however, I must now suggest Democrats push for allowing babies fetuses to vote…until aborted. That is the logical next step. If they happen to reside in a POC’s womb, so much the better! A form of reparations……as long as they vote the “right” way, of course.

Suffrage for fetuses! After all, they suffer enough anyway, especially when aborted! Why not let them vote first? That way we get something out of them before we get them out of us!

Fetus suffrage! Soon to be the civil rights struggle of our time.

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