Thursday, December 21, 2023

Illegal Aliens Being Given $5,000 Visa Gift Cards, Cell Phones, Plane Tickets After Crossing The Border?


In a video shared to his Senate campaign account on ‘X,’ Mark Lamb, Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff, claimed that “our government” was handing out gift cards, cell phones, and airline tickets to migrants coming across the southern border.

In the video he posted, Lamb claims: "When these folks come across and they're processed, they're being given a cell phone, a plane ticket to anywhere they want to go in this country—so, probably to a community near you—and a $5,000 Visa card.” He added: "So, while this Christmas season you're struggling to keep your lights on, while you're struggling to pay your rent, put Christmas presents under the tree for your kids, we have our government giving people who came into this country illegally $5,000 gift cards. That's the truth, folks."

The alleged gift cards are apparently distributed by charities rather than directly by the government. Lamb stated, "The government can make the claim that they aren't directly paying for it, because each dollar first goes from the government to a non-government institution like a charity before it is used to pay for the illegals.” The government is essentially laundering taxpayer money to give to people entering the U.S. illegally? If true, this would be a mind-blowing affront to the American people. “Inexcusable” wouldn’t begin to describe it.

As it is, according to the House Committee on Homeland Security, the financial impact of illegal aliens entering the U.S. is estimated to be $451 billion annually on the government. It is one thing to rob Peter to pay Paul, quite another to take money from citizens to give to illegal aliens pouring across our porous border. Would that we were treated so well. If this were true, why wouldn’t American citizens head South of the border, walk back across to the north, collect their $5,000 gift card, cell phone and airline ticket... and use the airline ticket to fly to El Paso. And then recross the border into Mexico, perhaps change their hair color, put on a fake nose and glasses, change their name-- and walk back across the border again to collect another five grand, and a second cell phone and plane ticket? Wash, rinse, and repeat.

Memo to government: we have a massive homeless crisis across the nation. Maybe attempt to address that before handing cash and cell phones to migrants? Memo number two (dos) to government: also, we are at least $33 trillion in debt!!

Should Lamb’s claims prove true-- even nominally, partially, or occasionally—it should trigger a rebellion/revolution. Particularly amongst the “disadvantaged.”

If it doesn’t, literally nothing will.

And the feds would know that. 


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