Monday, December 4, 2023

Progressives Actually Foster Divisiveness, Intolerance, Hate


The United States was founded on individual liberty, and individual rights. When we adhered to that ethos, we were united. E pluribus unum. In fact, we were united in our belief in that very ethos. Today, so-called “progressives” demand that everything be about the group. This group. That group. The oppressors. The oppressed. Black. White. Asians. The LGBTQ community. Etc., etc. Intersectionality rules the day and is considered sacrosanct. And, as such, our unity is gone and our nation torn asunder.

Conversely, American classicist and commentator Victor Davis Hanson recently wrote that, historically, “unity, equality, and fairness” have been “better aspirations” than “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” That is objectively inarguable.

“Tolerance” is another purported “virtue” that progressives love to extol. Yet, the more today’s “liberals” tout tolerance, the less tolerant they are of anybody with whom they disagree. In reality, tolerance has been used as a cudgel to attack the concept of merit and batter the idea of standards. If this goes much further, chaos will replace competence…to everyone’s detriment.

Analogously, the more progs speak out against hate, the more they seem to show hate to others. Trump and his supporters, for instance, a large portion of the country’s citizens. And the more they espouse support for Hamas and terrorist atrocities. And the more babies are killed in their mother's wombs, under the pretense of “women’s health care.”

Ironic? Not really. Just idiotic, hypocritical, and evil. 

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