Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Short Takes


Short Takes:


*Germany’s Cardinal Gerhard Müller has said that “self-appointed” globalists are using mass migration to destroy the national identity of countries. That is absolutely the case. Even if it isn’t deliberate, it is unquestionably the result. Increasing chaos and violence is the inevitable result.

*Rep. Barry Loudermilk (Rep.-GA) of the House Administration oversight subcommittee recently confirmed the disappearance of the videotapes of all depositions conducted by ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's preposterously partisan panel to investigate the events of January 6, 2021. Loudermilk stated, “All of the videotapes of all depositions are gone.” Well, knock me over with a feather. Just like Hillary’s emails and communication appliances. Poof! Maybe Rep. Bowman thought the videotapes were his unreturned Netflix movies. Or maybe ex-Speaker Pelosi took them with her back to California. I’m sure it was nothing nefarious. Right?

*New data from the U.S. Department of Defense show that heart failure spiked nearly 1,000% in 2022 over the previous five year average. Similarly, data from the Pentagon’s Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), shows that 2021 saw enormous spikes in a variety of diagnoses for serious medical issues over the previous five-year average, including hypertension (2,181%), neurological disorders (1,048%), multiple sclerosis (680%), Guillain-Barre syndrome (551%), breast cancer, (487%), female infertility (472%), pulmonary embolism (468%), migraines (452%), ovarian dysfunction (437%), testicular cancer (369%), and tachycardia (302%). Sheer coincidence! Nothing to see here! Move along!

*The University of Michigan cancelled two recent student government votes on referenda pertaining to the Israel-Hamas conflict, citing election interference by pro-Palestinian students. I’m sure the Russians were involved, too.

*A Hanukkah celebration in Williamsburg, Virginia has been canceled, and Jewish symbols have been removed from holiday light displays, amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. Are we living in 1984……or 1939? Hard to tell these days.

*Court orders have shown that the DOJ blocked Google from informing Congressional staffers that they were being spied on. Rhetorical question: is that the DOJ’s proper role? To spy on Americans? And then attempt to prevent that information from coming to light? Another couple rhetorical questions: what would Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin say about that? Does anybody care anymore? That may be the problem.

*Recent reports show that President Biden received direct monthly payments from son Hunter’s law firm in late 2018. And nobody cares. Yes, that is why the republic is lost.

*John Kerry appeared to fart loudly while giving a recent speech on climate change. Kerry had been droning on about how it is imperative that we rid the planet of coal power—and methane production-- with all due haste. Reiterating, he stated “Those things that are killing people on a daily basis…” when a loud “pfffflt” could be heard. (And the lady sitting to his right appeared to back away a bit…though she didn’t pass away, at least not at that moment.) Impeccable timing, Mr. Climate Czar! Johnny, have you ever heard the phrase, “Think globally but act locally? How about you limit your methane gas emissions before lecturing the rest of us?”




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