Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Democrats Push For Younger Voting Age


The Democrat-led movement to lower the legal voting age to 16 — or in some cases even younger — appears to be gaining momentum as some teenagers and activists seek to achieve local victories while winning the support of some in the media. To wit, the "Vote 16" campaign recently picked up a victory in Vermont, where the Democrat-controlled state legislature recently overrode Republican Gov. Phil Scott's veto of just such a measure allowing 16-year-olds to vote in municipal elections…and hold the highest elected offices.

Democrats are fond of aborting kids, sometimes even after birth. They are also big fans of providing minors with hormone blockers and mutilating the genitals of those they didn’t abort. And, of course, they are engaged in an all-out effort to groom our children—sexually and politically. For many Democrats, love of unfettered abortion and gender dysphoria combine with their unshakeable belief in man-caused climate change to become a surpassingly odd —and perverse—religion. One in which doubters or dissenters, or even the insufficiently devout, are dealt with particularly harshly.

As previously mentioned, Democrats seem to have an unquenchable desire to sexualize children, and in the past week have been attacking opponents of child sex trafficking and calling us “conspiracy theorists.” The California Assembly Public Safety Committee actually initially  voted down a bill, on a party-line vote, that would have enhanced penalties for child sex trafficking by making it a “serious felony,” a step up from merely being illegal. Hard to believe. Yet, progressives also spent time trashing a movie chronicling and attacking child sex trafficking, even though audiences loved it.

They do, however, wish to garner kids’ votes by…offering to let them vote. And hold high office. But do we really want 14-year-olds to vote, and 16-year-old governors? What would this mean? Well, first off, that few Democrats would ever again be defeated. And we would have “state of the state” speeches, broadcast on Instagram, where the Honorable Governor would not look up at the camera and would start off the oration by stating his or her preferred pronouns and saying, “Like, you know, dudes…everything’s all effed up; and that’s why it’s, like, time to party!”

In all seriousness, “after-birth abortion” may well be the most horrifying euphemism ever constructed. In a previous article I opined that Democrats may want to lower the voting age to coincide with their preferred maximum age of legal “after-birth abortions,” also suggesting that age may be 9. I now believe that age may be 6, with their insatiable desire for utter and permanent power and control superseding even their lust for infanticide.

It is no surprise that Democrats, who are now also in favor of “after-vote corrections,” as evidenced by the 2020 Presidential election, should want the very young to vote. 6-year-olds are easy to bribe. And tend to have the equivalent intellectual—and moral—capacity of those that would grant them suffrage.








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