Tuesday, December 12, 2023

National Railroad Museum Hosts Christmas Tree Sporting "Hail Satan" Ornaments


The National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin hosts an annual Festival of Trees during the holiday season, in which it displays dozens of uniquely decorated Christmas trees. This year’s exhibit is controversial due to the inclusion of Satanic and “transgender” trees contributed by Wisconsin activist groups.

The transgender-themed tree features transgender flags and ornaments with slogans such as “Protect Trans Kids,” and was contributed by the Bay Area Council on Gender Diversity. The suddenly ubiquitous Satanic Temple contributed a tree featuring ornaments proclaiming, “Hail Satan,” and topped with an upside-down star. It also was adorned with the ever-popular LGBTQ ornaments.       

Museum CEO Jacqueline Frank defended the decision to host the trees despite the negative reception from fuddy-duddy, stick-in-the-mud, obviously far-right event goers. Frank stated, “We believe that everybody should be included regardless of their religious group, regardless of any business or organization that they’re a part of. So we don’t discriminate, since we’re not a religious group ourselves.”

Sure. Where are the trees adorned with “MAGA” and “Heterosexual Pride!” ornaments? “All Lives Matter” decorations? Thought so.

And is a “trans” tree a hardwood identifying as a pine? A Scotch Pine purporting to be a Norway Pine?

Are there also Hamas-themed Christmas trees this year? Any touting pedophilia or necrophilia? I’m guessing there is an “abortion-themed” tree.

I can see a dad and mom and kids strolling through the museum and seeing those trees, warm feelings coming over them. “What a beautiful, joyous, wondrous season!” mom exclaims. I picture them shopping at their local big box store later on, dad asking a store associate, “Do you have any more ‘Hail Satan’ ornaments?” To which the employee replies, “Sorry, we’re all sold out. They are really hot this year!”

Is it not a tad odd, ironic—and demonic-- that “Hail Satan” ornaments are allowed to adorn a Christmas tree-- in a public museum? A railroad museum at that.

The times, they are a-changin’.

And our society has gone off the rails.

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