Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Democrats A True Threat To Our Democracy/Representative Republic


Biden and many other Democrats incessantly claim that “MAGA” types are a threat to “our democracy.” This is preposterous on its face. No learned, rational person would fall for this notion. MAGA types, Trump supporters and other conservatives) are generally people proud of their nation and is founding principles. They have an abiding belief in what the U.S. has traditionally stood for: individual rights, impartial justice under the rule of law, a jury of one’s peers, the concept of innocent until proven guilty, limited government, free market Capitalism, natural law-- and the attendant belief that all men are created equal and granted inalienable rights by their Creator, including the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

These are anything but dangerous fascists. The opposite is the case. The tenets in which they believe led the United States to become the freest, wealthiest, most productive, most creative, most successful nation in history. And the most generous by far.

It is, rather, the increasingly radical Democrats and their far-left friends that are a legitimately existential threat to our democratic representative republic, precisely because they do not believe in most of these principles.

Let’s examine them in detail, in no particular order. Today’s Democrats, as clearly evidenced by the Biden administration and its Injustice Department, FBI, and assorted lackeys, believe in a two-tiered “justice” system, one in which their political opponents are guilty, often even when proved innocent, and which holds them unaccountable for virtually anything/everything. Look at the history of the judges and the makeup of the juries that have recently indicted former President Donald Trump multiple times on sham charges.

Today’s Democrats certainly don’t believe in free-market Capitalism. Most now are Marxist in their outlook, the rest favor crony-Capitalism, A.K.A. oligarchy.

And they are really against the concept of individual rights, favoring groups and “communities.” To them, individual rights are a trifling matter when juxtaposed with those of any given group. Intersectionality is the order of the day. LGBTQ good, MAGA bad. Incredibly, to many on the left, white people are racist oppressors. All of them. Guilty as charged. They can’t help it you see, because of their skin color.

And they are really, really anti-limited government. Especially because they are the government, at least in large part. If an opponent should threaten to cut any department, any budget, any program, they are immediately reviled as a heartless hatemonger who desperately wants to see kids, grandma, and the planet die. Drain the Swamp? They would rather believers in limited government smear themselves with gravy and traverse the Everglades naked.   

As for Natural Rights, granted by our Creator? Well, most leftists don’t even believe in you know, the thing a Creator. Don’t want the competition. Therefore, deep down they don’t think you should have the right to bear arms (defend yourself and your family), or even the right to free speech and assembly…if these don’t comport with their notions and desires. Life? Not necessarily. Abortion? That’s different, that is a fundamental right. Liberty? For felons maybe, but not Jan. 6ers! Happiness? Yes, if by happiness you mean the “right” to take drugs, steal, change sexes, use extreme profanity anywhere, anytime, anyplace, and receive a universal basic income (UBI.). No, if it should mean a wish to be secure in your persons, houses, and effects, to have a secure border, or to have a say in how your taxes are spent. Remember, to Democrats, all rights are granted—or not—by government. (Which is unfortunate if the government isn’t fond of you.)

“Progressives” disdain for the individual, and affinity for massive government, groupthink, and identity politics is infinitely more destructive to a free society than, say, belief in God or merit. Marxists stated belief that “the ends justify the means” leads them to gleefully lie, cheat, steal, or do absolutely anything else necessary to obtain and retain power. This is why Democrats are so quick to threaten, “cancel,” or even attempt to imprison their opponents. It is also why they want to pack the court, end the filibuster, eliminate the Electoral College, and grant the federal District of Columbia statehood—and ergo two Senators.

The Tenth Amendment reads: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Democrats wish to reverse that.

But, as P.J. O’Rourke noted, “Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.

It is, demonstrably and irrefutably, Democrats who are the would-be tyrants, who would happily preside over a banana republic rather than a representative one.

Sadly, they are well on their way to doing just that.

The question is: will we let them?






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