Sunday, December 31, 2023

New Poll Finds 20% Of Young Americans Think The Holocaust Is A Myth


A new YouGov/Economist poll reveals that more than 20% of Americans aged 18-29 believe the Holocaust is a “myth” or “has been exaggerated.” An additional 30% say they aren’t certain whether or not the 20th-century genocide actually occurred. That means over half of this age group either doesn’t believe the Holocaust really happened, thinks it to be exaggerated—or isn’t sure if it was real or not.

As The Economist reports, ”Young people are nearly five times more likely to think this than those aged 65 and older.” What a shocking and brutal indictment of our modern educational system.

This is what happens when history—real history, not revisionist—is no longer taught. It has real-world, real-time consequences. As the old saying goes, “If you don’t know history, you are bound to repeat it.” And, in this case, that is catastrophic.     

In this time of hoaxes, hyper-wokeness, and extreme ignorance, we might well ask: “What else do younger folks (and leftists) think is a ‘myth,’ and what do they believe to be fact?”

Myth VS. Fact, 2023 Edition--

Myth: Holocaust.

Fact: Christian nationalism is surging!

Myth: There are only two sexes.

Fact: There are only two types of people, oppressors and oppressed!

Myth: The content of one’s character should trump the color of one’s skin.

Fact: White people are racist because of their skin color.

Myth: The massive and lengthy riots of 2020 caused billions of dollars in damage and thousands of injuries.

Fact: Jan. 6 was an all-out “insurrection”--  fomented and led by Donald trump-- whose participants deserve to languish in dingy jail cells until the sun expires.

Myth: God.

Fact: Dr. Fauci and George Floyd are God-like figures.

Myth: Smoking pot is bad for you.

Fact: Smoking cigarettes is bad for you.

Myth: Unfettered illegal immigration is bad for the country.

Fact: Invasive species are an unmitigated disaster for the country and must be fought tooth and nail at every turn……or all of our beloved native species will be permanently pushed out.

              Here’s to the future!





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