Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Have You Ever Noticed...?


Have you ever noticed that the same people are always wrong about everything? Al Gore, Michael Moore, Greta Thunberg, “The Squad,” Joy Reid, etc., etc., et. al. Whether it be global warming, Hamas/terrorists/Iran, transgender mutilation, abortion, Marxism vis-à-vis free market Capitalism, ubiquitously intrusive vs. limited government, separation of church and state (as opposed to separation of LGBTQ and state, for example), green energy, big vs. small business, First and Second Amendment rights, the border/illegal immigration, etc., ad infinitum. It’s almost uncanny!

They usually profess to know a lot about one…or maybe two…issues, but are certain they are right on all the rest, too. And will let you know it. And they seem to congregate together at every opportunity. How do they find each other? Is there a secret code? (I’m not speaking here of famous types like Al, Michael, or Greta, but of your ultra-progressive neighbors…and culture warriors across the fruited plain—and all Western nations.)

Makes sense, I guess, as they tend to like groups more than any individual. To them, groupthink is good, individualism bad. Why? Probably because doing research and drawing their own conclusions is difficult. Thinking on one’s own —and going against the “progressive” flow (or any flow for that matter) requires a certain amount of intelligence, wisdom, confidence, and even courage. Many of them can’t cut it, and it makes them bitter. It’s easier to attack those that can, in the basest manner, by accusing them of being racist, homophobic, misogynistic, bigoted, transphobic, etc.

Ironically, this virtue signaling is itself primitive: me good, you bad!

But, remarkably, they proudly display their ignorance and arrogance, a comically repulsive combo that could be truly dangerous if left unchallenged.

The good news? If you haven’t had time to develop a considered opinion on any given issue, just go against theirs. You’ll almost certainly be on the side of the angels.


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