Friday, December 8, 2023

American Universities An Existential Threat


America’s “institutions of higher learning” could not be of lower character. Nor could they be less effective in preparing young people for the real world. The examples are legion, ubiquitous.

A professor at Washington University in St. Louis recently praised pro-Palestinian protesters who vandalized a Jewish leader’s home on Thanksgiving morning, and described the smoke bombs and paint damage as “pretty cool.” Heather Hackman, consultant at a recent University of Oklahoma race workshop, says “making sure you’re not tardy” is simply part of “the racial narrative of white.” So, being on time is white supremacy. Furthermore, Hackman claims individualism, honesty, discipline, and rigor are other traits indicative of white privilege and/or supremacy. In other words, being competent and respectful isn’t cool. Integrity and character are racist. Ms. Hackman is on record telling educators that if they don’t plan on promoting social justice in the classroom, they shouldn’t go into teaching.

Some “educators” believe that there is no such thing as free will. Others believe that certain words are violence and therefore should be prevented or punished, but that violence to further causes in which they believe is free speech and therefore protected by the First Amendment.

Colleges across the land warn of “microaggressions should students potentially be exposed to unfamiliar points of view—or any description of less than pleasant reality. And, should students be traumatized by the aforementioned instead of learning and growing, safe spaces abound on campuses, some replete with warm milk, cookies, and puppies for petting.

Universities universally teach/preach that virtually anything found in the U.S.-- or previously taught in schools-- is an example of colonialism or imperialism, including mathematics.

The nearest thing to a religion on campus today is the unwavering belief that there are more than two genders and that anyone can be any one—or more-- of these genders they wish to be at any time. And change them like the shoes they wear. “Trans” and “genderqueer rule the day. The long-term affects of this mass psychosis will be devastating for society at large.

A number of university professors promote nihilism, the idea that life is meaningless. (“Nothing matters and what if it did?!”) More than one take this concept even farther, suggesting that the only way to save the Earth is through human extinction. That is a long way from “Be fruitful and multiply.” But college campuses—and professors—are a long way from God.

Ironically, there is little honest reflection or legitimate philosophizing taking place in schools today. If life is meaningless, why have we come up with so many terms for meaning? Why do we have the innate capacity to feel great joy, love, compassion….and sadness, hate, and callousness? Why would this be? It would not be necessary. Is there not, in fact, meaning in the very act of believing deeply that some things are meaningful? For example: are love, music, great writing, the look in your young child’s eyes as he or she is about to open a Christmas gift, a hole-in-one……or a cold beer and cool breeze on a hot summer’s day not “meaningful?”

Sadly, and ironically, modern day America is guilty of educational colonialism. The nation’s Big Academia is trying to export American colleges’ radical nihilism throughout the West…and anywhere else that will have it. This constitutes a real threat to the world.

 It is nothing less than vandalism of the mind—and soul.

And that is meaningful, whether some wish to believe it or not.






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