Friday, December 1, 2023

Democrats Determined To Transform America...Into A One-Party State


Democrats cling to power like a bulldog on a chew toy. This is why the Biden administration sends shock troops to the homes of elderly political opponents such as Roger Stone in the early morning hours and pulls them out of bed in front of their families. Biden learned from watching the Clintons. And, like the Clinton (and Obama) administrations, the Biden administration is pathetically weak in dealing with its geopolitical adversaries, but second to none in disposing of its domestic political foes.

To wit: Biden’s minions have been harassing former President Trump for years now and may yet send him to prison. They have also ruthlessly targeted Trump’s supporters, MAGA members—and anyone in a red hat near the Capitol on Jan. 6-- many of whom are still in jail. They are hounding erstwhile “America’s Mayor,” Rudy Guliani, for performing his job as Trump’s lawyer in defense of Trump’s Constitutionally protected right to free speech/question election results. They would like to see Guliani, too, in prison.

More recently—and humorously—Biden’s FBI raided the home of Brianna Suggs, a top campaign fundraiser for Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams, after Adams started complaining a little too loudly about the problems immigration, and by extension Biden’s open southern border, are causing his city. The FBI subsequently seized Adams’ phones and iPad.

Moreover, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security—and then Biden himself—have denied secret service protection for Independent presidential candidate RFK, Jr., a little more than a year out from the 2024 election. But, really, what could happen to a Kennedy, especially a controversial and outspoken one.

Etc., etc.

This is in keeping with the Do Not Challenge Democratic National Committee (allegedly) pushing Bernie Sanders out of the hunt for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. And Hillary’s funding of a fake dossier to trash Trump. And the DNC’s Alphabet Agency and Mainstream Media friends pretending it was legitimate. And that the Hunter Biden laptop story wasn’t. And…well, you get the idea.

When you put it all together, this surpasses banana republic corruption. This would’ve made Stalin blush.

Yet, if the powers behind the DNC deem it time for Biden to go, he too will be made to quietly exit, stage left. To paraphrase JFK, the Democratic power brokers (and we all know who they are if we are paying attention and being truthful), will go anywhere, bear any burden, pay any price, do anything, and stuff any ballot box…in defense of tyranny.

Democrats are intent on transforming “our democracy” into a One-Party State here in America long before the planet succumbs to a One-World Government. This government will be comprised of seven branches (sorry, AOC): the legislative, the executive, the judicial, the Deep State, Academia, the Mainstream Media, and the giant corporations. And it appears they are nearing success in their endeavor. Despite the fact that nearly all surveys and polls show most Americans are fed up with inflation, the economy, the porous southern border, rampant crime, Biden’s foreign policy, and the proliferation of extreme wokeness…not to mention Biden family corruption itself…Democrats keep winning most elections. Why do you think this is? Draw your own conclusions. But don’t draw them publicly, lest you, too, get a loud knock on your door at oh-dark-thirty.

All of this means that Republicans should find themselves in the position of America’s founders. But, instead of being determined to throw off burgeoning tyranny, they appear unwilling to fight. And more than willing to lose.

Seems like we need someone who likes to win.

Wonder where we’d find him.


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