Thursday, August 31, 2023

Hungary Helps Hawaiians As Biden Administration Focuses On What Really Matters


The Biden administration has shown repulsive indifference to the victims of the tragic Maui fires that have laid waste to Lahaina and taken the lives of more than 100 people, with hundreds more are still missing. On two separate occasions, when President Biden was asked about the tragedy, he responded “No comment.” When he finally deigned to interrupt his most recent vacations and make an hours-long appearance in Lahaina, he told those who had lost everything that he could relate to them because he once had a small kitchen fire in his home.

The entire episode was yet another example of government ineptitude. Local officials made a series of almost incomprehensible errors. Federal aid officials were discovered staying in ritzy four and five-star hotels far from Lahaina even as that city’s survivors lacked basic aid.

But, fortunately, the government of Hungary has stepped up to provide shelter for 250 Maui families. Hungarian Ambassador to the United States Szabolcs Takács issued a statement to Newsmax proclaiming that the nation’s armed forces would provide pop-up homes for 250 Maui families by the end of October, with the first shipment of 20 arriving within days. This despite the fact that Hungary was reportedly the only European Union member state that was not invited to Biden’s “Summit for Democracy” this year. Moreover, Biden deemed Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán one of “the thugs in the world” in 2020 while also attempting to assassinate the character of Donald Trump, who was friendly with Orbán.

Perhaps the reason Hungary can devote more attention—and resources-- to disaster victims on the Hawaiian island of Maui than the Biden administration has thus far done is because Orbán’s government is not entirely focused on pronoun etiquette, climate change…and locking up its political opponents.

It has never been clearer: Trump put America First, Biden puts America—and Americans—last.

Let’s Go Brandon! (FJB.)




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