Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Maryland School District Trying To Make Gender And Sexual Indoctrination Mandatory


Lawyers representing Maryland’s largest school district recently argued in court that opt-out policies that ‘allow’ parents to exempt their kids from gender and sexuality lessons undermine “specific goals the district is trying to advance.” Incredibly, coming as it did from lawyers representing the government, that statement is unquestionably accurate, although not in the way that the schools would like us to believe.

The Montgomery County Public School District recently reversed its original opt-out policy that ‘gave’ parents (and their kids) the right to refuse lessons they considered inappropriate or at odds with their religious views.

According to a story in the National Review, the district now strategically considers its gender and sexuality lessons to be part of its ‘English Language Arts curriculum,’ since Maryland law only requires schools to allow opt-out choices for health curriculum. And rightly placed they are. Gender and sexuality studies have much more relevance to ‘English Language Arts’ than they do with health, right? (“Romeo and Juliet Swap Genders?”)

The gender and sexuality curriculum is purportedly part of the district’s effort to create more ‘representative’ classrooms, because traditionally popular stories like Sleeping Beauty supposedly over-represent ‘heteronormative families.’ How the hell does the MCPSD know what the ‘proper’ ratio of LGBTQ kids to ‘heteronormative’ kids is in any classroom? (And, quite frankly, if it weren’t for those boring old strait-laced ‘heteronormative’ families, there wouldn’t be any children/students at all.) 

One of the books in the district’s lesson plan states that doctors only ‘guess’ when determining a newborn’s sex. This is like saying geometricians only ‘guess’ when trying to determine if a shape is a circle or square.   

Nonetheless, a student’s (or parent’s) right to reject any instruction in sexuality is “precisely what this curriculum is trying to prevent,” lawyers for the MCPSD said in court. (Wow, that is transparent, bold, and in our faces! I guess the ball is in our court now. Not that anything will change. Sure, we are being summarily stripped of our fundamental rights, but Trump exaggerates and puts out kinda mean tweets sometimes. He’s not very ‘presidential,’ and we can’t countenance that, can we?)

You see, we must be forced to let our kids be groomed in the precise manner our rulers desire… if we want to save our democracy! And the tyranny and mental illness march on. Everyone raise your hands and say it with me now: “Sich Heil!”

Tellingly, the MCPSD lawyers added that the curriculum “doesn’t work” if only some children participate.

Also true. Indoctrination doesn’t work if you aren’t subjected to it.



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