Monday, August 28, 2023

Drag Queen Events And "Demon-Summoning": Just Another Day In Minneapolis


Minneapolis, like the mainstream media, has leaned left for decades now. Progressive, you see. However, it had been a relatively clean, safe, and vibrant city for most of that time…until recent years. Much as the media had, until recent years, strived for a modicum of balance and objectivity.

Those days are gone. Several media outlets recently characterized those protesting a “Drag Event for Kids” being held in the Minneapolis suburb of Chaska as a “Nazi Group.” Reports noted that the Little Roo’s Children Boutique “faced a wave of backlash for hosting a family-friendly drag story-time event.”

A “children’s boutique” needs to host a drag queen event?

At least one of the reports noted that “some members of the far-right neo-fascist organization Minnesota Proud Boys showed up at the event, making remarks about children being ‘sexualized’ and ‘groomed.’” Just so, because only a fascist would be concerned about the grooming and sexualization of young kids!

That report also referenced the videos Little Roo’s posted on TikTok which supposedly garnered thousands of likes and comments, with one receiving “over 11 million views.” Another video showed the parking lot outside Little Roo’s filled with families and supporters holding up Pride and rainbow flags while forming a “protective barrier” against “the haters.” Love is love—no matter the gender or the age, right?!

Besides being an abortion, illegal alien, and transgender procedure sanctuary, Minneapolis is also a haven for drag queens. And, apparently, for those who like to entertain demons. Literally. The taxpayer-funded Walker Arts Center, a Minneapolis icon, recently hosted a family night to help people learn how to summon and trap demons. Yay! What says “family” more than demon-summoning? The event was put on by Tamar Ettun, an artist who specializes in creating demon traps.

Alpha News said the exhibition details for Ettun’s last exhibit, in NYC, dispensed with “the historical gender binarism” to mediate “the inner demons and renegade instincts that are deliberately silenced.” One image from that exhibit shows Ettun washing what looks to be a placenta with a watering can.

We can only speculate on the deep meaning associated with that image.

Details of the exhibition also characterized the demon-summoning as “playful.” Which brings to mind the “mostly peaceful” protests that burned down large swaths of Minneapolis in 2020.

Demon-summoning. Just what we need today. Perhaps an Olympic Sport by 2028? If so, bet on the U.S. to win the gold medal. Thanks to Minnesotans. Okay, so it’s not the “Miracle on Ice.” Al Michaels will not broadcast the event, nor will anyone who may do so say “Do you believe in miracles?!” And we might not be chanting “USA!” or singing the national anthem after our victory.

But rest assured, drag queens might well be recounting this triumph to your kids for years to come. If they can overcome the fascists.   



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