Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Scholars Say We Should Rejoice In Toxic Pollution If It Turns Animals Gay!


Anne Pollock, head of the department of global health and social medicine at Kings College in London, recently argued that we should rejoice in the reproductively “atypical” wildlife produced by toxic pollution. Seriously.

In a paper called “Queering Endocrine Disruption,” the medical scholar wrote: “I want to suggest that we depathologize queer animals, even when that queerness is the product of human-produced toxins in the environment, and even when it inhibits animals’ reproductive capacity.”


She added, “Perhaps we even might find a perverse joy here.”

Queering Endocrine Disruption?!!” What’s next, “Queering Kidney Failure?” Apparently, Kings College isn’t what it used to be, but then, what is? We should find joy, “perverse” or otherwise, in animals who have purportedly been made gay by “human-produced toxins in the environment?!” Even “when it inhibits animals’ reproductive capacity?” WTH?! “Yay for pollution, it’s made animals gay!”

“It’s too bad these creatures have been abnormally mutated and may go extinct, but damn we’ve had a good time watching them, if you know what I mean!”

 Celebrating endocrine disruption and toxins in the environment seems a tad insensitive, and ironic for such obviously politically correct “experts,” but I guess those things are secondary to the drive to “queer everything on Earth.”


Where once we thought nuclear waste was problematic, we now know if it leaks into the environment and causes, say, male coyotes to start having sex with each other, it is a good thing. Where once we bemoaned the ubiquity of micro-plastics and mercury in the environment, if these make, say, female monkeys lick each other’s privates, than it is actually a net gain, right?   

I’m not sure if toxic pollution made some manatees in Florida gay, nor am I certain they are happy that they are/were. Especially the one that died due to “high-intensity” gay sex.

But, hey, whether it be mRNA vaccine residue, DDT, lead-- or any of a number of other potential contaminants—if it causes aberrant sexual behavior, focus on the pure queer joy, negatives be damned!

You see, internalizing toxins, like leftist dogma—can be a good thing! Really.


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