Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Alternet Says Climate Change Is Ruining People's Sex Lives


According to Alternet, that august purveyor of unbiased scientific information, climate change is ruining our sex lives.

Per Alternet: “Climate change is the focus of two articles published by The New Republic on July 27: a Julia Sonenshein report on the effect climate change is having on people's sex lives, and a Pablo Manriquez piece slamming Republicans in Congress for being indifferent to climate change's effects.”

Sonenshein asserts, "In climate change, we face an unimaginable threat to humanity. As humans do, however, we're living through it: We're working, we're cooking dinner, we're seeing friends, and we're having sex. But sex is changing. Birth rates are down, and some people who are forgoing parenthood cite climate change as a factor."

The truth is, birth rates in the West have been dropping for some time now, entirely unrelated to climate change/global warming. Birth rates are much higher in Africa—and other warmer regions—than they are in the U.S., Canada, Japan, and Northern Europe. Possibly because people in these areas are still able to discern the difference between males and females. If anything is leading to declining birth rates, it is wokeness, with its hyper emphasis on homosexuality, transgenderism, and abortion rights, a.k.a. the destruction of the family.

According to Sonenshein, "There is alarming evidence that climate change both directly and indirectly impacts our sexual health, including due to increased gender-based violence or disruptions in sexual or reproductive services because of extreme weather. There also exists a body of writing on the logistics of climate change and sex: It's getting hotter, so sex might become a more uncomfortable, sweatier affair."

Sonenshein adds, "But a thornier question, perhaps, is to ask how intimacy is changing in the face of impending doom. How is desire affected when the world as we know it seems to be ending in front of our eyes?" Call me a skeptic, but skeptics have been predicting the end of the world for almost as long as there have been humans on the planet. Moreover, as is the case with wars, etc., it has historically been the case that, if “tomorrow we die,” then “tonight we make love.” To whomever. (As for those who truly believe global warming boiling is going to make the planet essentially uninhabitable in a few short years, and therefore eschew having children? We can mock them, feel sorry for them, or both. But it is a tragedy.)

Alternet, for some unexplained reason, also quoted Meehan Crist, who teaches biological science at Columbia University in New York City. Crist apparently told The New Republic that climate change is creating an "existential dread" that affects "mental health" along with "sexuality."

Wokeism is both a sign of and a contributor to mental illness. What does it mean when a person is described as “hot…” as opposed to “cold?” I guess no one ever refers to “hot sex.” “Cold” and/or “clammy” sex would be much more satisfying, apparently, according to climate change alarmists. (Though I know for a fact many wives, for example, don slippers, long underwear and a burka if it gets below 68 degrees in their homes. Steamier weather tends to lead to steamier attire.)

The Alternet article admitted: “It's true that wildfires, heatwaves and droughts in California, hurricanes in Florida, tornadoes in Kansas and Oklahoma, and blizzards in Buffalo existed long before climate change. But climate change, according to scientists, is making them more plentiful.”

Pathetically, Alternet can’t even get its “fairness disclaimer” correct. Wildfires, heatwaves, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards did not exist “long before climate change,” because climate change has always existed, often in a much more rapid and aggressive manner than we’re seeing today. It is frustrating when people on any side of an argument fail to logically process—and convey—information, but this is a hallmark of The Left.

At this rate, there is going to be a “new republic” alright. One that bears no resemblance to the one in which we lived only a few short years ago.


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