Friday, August 11, 2023

Just Another Christian Arrested For Sharing Biblical Messages In Public

In a video clip that has gone viral on social media, a young Christian man is seen being arrested by police as he and a few other young men preached at a recent Pride in the Park celebration in Watertown, Wisconsin.

The clip was part of a tweet by @TONYxTWO, in which he stated: “BREAKING: Young man arrested for sharing the Bible on a public sidewalk Blatant violation of the 1st amendment of The Constitution…”

The footage shows a young man reading from the bible, speaking into a microphone, before he is surrounded by multiple police officers. One of the officers then grabs the microphone and pulls it away from the Christian while those around him question what the officers are doing.

The person who recorded the video claims the group was told that they could speak outside on the sidewalk. However, another officer allegedly told them that they could not use the speaker and microphone to do this. In any case, several of the officers then proceed to grab the young man who was preaching and ask him not to resist as they arrested him and hauled him away.

Think America has changed much?

Members of the LGBTQ community can now routinely take over city streets and even strut around with their genitalia hanging out, in front of adults and minors alike. In America today, you can preach the gospel of queerness and LGBTQ, openly and loudly to all, shouting it from the streets and byways. But not the gospel of Christ. “Old Glory” may be increasingly frowned upon, but you can proudly let your “freak flag” fly! The truth is mocked, but “my truth” is accepted. Etc., etc.

Perhaps the young Christians should have read from the book “Gender Queer” instead of from the Book of Job or the Book of Genesis. Surely then they wouldn’t have been arrested.





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