Thursday, August 24, 2023

California Governor Gavin Newsome Says His State Is A Veritable Bastion Of Parental Rights!


Gov. Gavin Newsome (D-CA) continued his attacks on red states recently, blasting Texas and Florida for purportedly banning books containing pornographic imagery from school libraries. Incredibly, he did this while touting his state as a bastion for parental rights, going so far as to argue that no state outdoes California on "local control and parental engagement." (He claimed that outstate groups have misled parents into thinking that schools are somehow "sexualizing" children.) Newsome actually claimed that he supports “the rights of parents to speak out,” despite the fact that the state is poised to turn parents into criminals if they dare to question their school board representatives.

According to the California Globe, Senate Bill 596, introduced by Democratic State Senator Anthony Portantino last February and dubbed the “School Employees Protection” act, expands an existing law “which makes it a misdemeanor for any ‘person’ to threaten or harass a school employee during the ‘course of [their] duties.’” This expansion adds a penalty for creating a “substantial disorder” at any meeting of a public school board, charter school board, county board of education, or the California State Board of Education. As the Globe’s Kenny Snell (a retired longtime teacher) put it, “In California-speak, that means school boards get to decide what is substantial and what is not; what is harassment and what is not. In Totalitarian-speak that means don’t dare even think about going to a school board meeting and question their narrative or policies.” (We all know that Democrats consider concerned and outspoken parents “domestic terrorists.” In fact, at one point, the National School Boards Association even planned to ask the Biden administration to deploy the Army National Guard and military police to school districts where uppity parents were protesting mandatory masking requirements and the teaching of critical race theory.)  


It's comforting to know that Newsome doesn’t believe that giving kids access to books with illustrations depicting gay, oral, underage-- and anal-- sex could in any way “sexualize” them. And that he fully supports the right of taxpaying parents to engage with school boards…as long as they don’t disagree with them in any way.


From the French Laundry scandal to his professions of love, Gavin Newsome is a fraud. From the hyper-slicked hair on his head, to the toes in his expensive shoes.


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