Saturday, August 5, 2023

President Of Thomas Jefferson University Resigns After "Liking" Unapproved Tweets


Dr. Mark Tykocinski recently resigned as president of Philadelphia's Thomas Jefferson University after coming under fire for “liking tweets” critical of COVID vaccines and trans surgeries for kids. The unbridled audacity! He’s lucky he didn’t get the electric chair!

You know the concept of free speech is out the proverbial window when one can no longer even make a one-word ‘comment’ on someone else’s speech!

This news would be distressing to Thomas Jefferson, were he alive today, as he and the rest of the founders knew that ‘democracy’ is impossible without the absolute right to freedom of speech.

The Inquirer reported that Tykocinski will also no longer be interim dean of Jefferson’s Sidney Kimmel Medical College. On April 29th, the paper published a story stating that Tykocinski “has used his Twitter account to ‘like’ tweets that question the science of COVID-19 vaccines, call gender reassignment surgery ‘child mutilation,’ and are critical of diversity offices on college campuses, among other controversial topics.” He questioned ‘science,’ stated an obvious truth…and then proceeded to offer an opinion? Egads!

Any college employee, no matter the position that person holds, should know that no one is allowed to question COVID-19 vaccines, child genital mutilation gender reassignment surgeries, or anything related to ‘diversity.’ I mean, ‘hello!’

It is, however, perfectly okay to like a tweet in favor of child genital mutilation, abortion, the forced acceptance of experimental mRNA vaccines into everyone’s bodies whether they ‘like’ it or not, BLM riots, the legalization of formerly illicit drugs, human trafficking, the destruction of Israel-- and the physical assault of former President Trump. None of which is ‘hate speech,’ of course, and all of which is protected.

‘Like’ that? It’s okay if you do. There will be no repercussions.



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