Sunday, August 6, 2023

Researchers Suffer From "Traumatic Harm" When STEM Students Don't Respond Properly To Survey Questions


A team of researchers, composed primarily of Oregon State University professors, sent a questionnaire link to over 3,000 “department chairs, program administrators, and faculty at accredited engineering bachelor’s degree-granting institutions,” according to a recent article on

The post noted that the survey was intended to be sent to “transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) students in undergraduate engineering and computer science programs” and consisted of “numerical and open-ended text box questions probing students’ perceptions of gender, engineering education culture, and communities of support.”

Apparently, some students did not take the survey as seriously as the gender researchers did, and have therefore drawn the ire of the intrepid, if humorless, investigators. Of the 349 completed responses, 50 were of a mocking variety, and deemed “malicious” by the scientists-- who said they included “slurs, hate speech, or direct targeting of the research team.”

Fully 12 percent of the “malicious” respondents identified their gender as an "Apache attack helicopter" (or similar aircraft), an apparent reference to a long-running meme meant to make light of individuals identifying as a broad range of “genders.”

One student had the sheer audacity to write: “I believe that is what is wrong with higher education. Students should be taught to focus on their chosen field and not their gender.” Students should be instructed in their chosen field, the one they are paying through the nose for, instead of being subjected to a radical social agenda? Egads!

Another respondent wrote, “While I of course do not condone bullying or discrimination, I wish people in universities (especially the faculty) would not focus so much on gender and identity. That doesn’t matter.” Telling the faculty that’s supposed to be serving you that gender isn’t important to you, but being educated in your field is? The temerity! Hitler alert, Hitler alert!

The integrity-laden analysts were stung by the responses and were highly critical of the students/responders. The thin-skinned but utterly unbiased researchers went so far as to state: “The targeting of social justice research and marginalized academics fits into theories of fascism as a pathway the right-wing can use to exert power, one act within a larger effort.” Say what? The only “targeting” that occurred was on the part of the researchers who inanely aimed their questions at the STEM students. (And “fascism?” I guess my “Hitler alert!” warning at the end of the prior paragraph was prescient.)

Incredibly, the social “scientists” went on to compare their findings to the January 6 Capitol riot, saying, “This analysis is a rebuke of conspiracy theories and misinformation which not only barraged our research but also underpinned the fascist storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021.” Are you kidding me?! They make it sound like it’s a wonder any of them are still alive after 14.3% of their survey’s respondents failed to take it seriously. And these are adults. Not so long ago, kids used to say, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Oh, and I don’t believe the researchers were even called names. Yet one of them, a transgender woman who was already in therapy for anxiety and depression regarding alleged online anti-trans rhetoric, claimed to have experienced "significant personal distress" as a result of managing the data and had to take time off of the project to "heal from traumatic harm." OMG. Suggestion: get over yourselves.

Wonder how these researchers would have handled themselves on the beaches at Normandy?

The researchers also helpfully suggested potential changes that could be made to engineering curricula, noting: “Engineering graduates in the U.S. frequently work in fields such as fossil fuels, defense, construction, and technology upon graduation, and could be taught about these field’s relationships with national and global racial capitalism and ongoing apartheid in Palestine.”

Ongoing apartheid in Palestine?!” Non sequitur much?

These researchers checked all the boxes for world communism. But, unlike STEM students, that’s not going to help build a bridge to utopia. Or anywhere else for that matter. At least not one that would long stand.

The researchers’ analysis wasn’t “a rebuke of conspiracy theories and misinformation,” it was itself filled with conspiracy theories and misinformation.

When you refuse to recognize reality, it doesn’t matter if you claim your pronouns are, xir, Apache attack helicopter, golf ball, or rainbow trout.

(These researchers’ pronouns should be “Marxist” and “whack-job.”)



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