Thursday, August 10, 2023

Camp Counselor Boasts Of Turning "Entire Cabin Of 13-Year-Olds" Into Leftists In Five Days


Libs of TikTok recently posted a roughly one-minute video on Twitter (X) featuring what appears to be a young man describing how he convinced a cabin of 13-year-olds to embrace socialism and communism during just five days of summer camp. In the clip, shot in 2021, he proudly boasts, “I was a camp counselor for one week and turned an entire cabin of 13-year-olds into leftists. Here’s how.”

He continued: “It started on day one, when the kids—of their own volition—decided to have an election to see who would be ‘president’ of the cabin. They had me track votes anonymously, and I may have broken the tie in favor of the obviously queer kid.” Knock me over with a feather.

The ‘counselor’ goes on to say that another child “asked if he could be Mikhail Gorbachev to the cabin.” To which the counselor replied that he should instead “be Karl Marx.” He then noted that he guided the kids into “discussing the merits of their communist government,” and stated that he gave a book entitled The ABCs of Socialism to a child who had trouble sleeping at night. 

“This kid read the entire book in one night,” the counselor said in the video. (He must really have trouble sleeping!) He added, “The next day, another kid asked for it, then another. By day four, [the child posing as] Karl Marx proposed that our cabin cheer be ‘the communist cabin, where everyone is equal.’ And everyone agreed.” 

And they all lived happily ever after…in tiny apartments. But they sometimes had meat on Saturdays!

Wokesters/leftists simply can’t leave kids alone. Or anyone else for that matter. You must be made to agree with them…or pay the price.

Summer camp should be for making friends and learning how to swim, canoe, fish, and sail. You should not have to worry that-- even here-- your child may be indoctrinated with Marxist dogma.

How much would you pay to have your son or daughter turned into non-binary, pansexual, atheistic Komsomol members?

In one sense, you’ve got to give the counselor credit, though. Five days? That’s even quicker than our schools can do it.

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