Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Poll Says Americans Split On Whether President Biden Should Publicly Acknowledge Granddaughter

According to a TIPP Poll of nearly 1,500 Americans-- that was conducted after Hunter Biden’s recent appearance in an Arkansas court to determine how much child support the First Son should pay-- U.S. voters are split over whether President Joe Biden should publicly acknowledge his granddaughter.


Hunter had the girl, now 4, with beautiful ex-stripper Lunden Roberts. Yet neither Hunter nor his dad, “The Big Guy,” are willing to welcome Navy Joan Roberts into America's First Family. The president has six other grandchildren, all of whom he recognizes, and all of whom had their names written on Christmas stockings hanging from a White House mantle this past holiday season. But not Navy.

It is no surprise that Americans are divided over whether or not the little girl should be publicly claimed by the Biden family that is responsible for her. We are divided over everything else, as well. And it is no surprise that the majority of Democrats, liberals-- and those without children-- consider it a private family matter that the Bidens should handle however they deem best for them.

On the other hand, Republicans, conservatives, those with children, and religious Americans overwhelmingly believe the president should at least publicly acknowledge the existence of Navy Joan Roberts — the granddaughter that neither he nor his son have ever met.

It is reprehensible and repugnant that the Biden family has essentially not even acknowledged the existence of this little girl. Perhaps they wish she would’ve been aborted. On the other hand, given Joe and Hunter’s historical interactions with females of nearly all ages, maybe it is for the best.

It should have been easy to guess which (roughly) half of “Americans” are cool with the Bidens abandoning this little girl, regardless of how it makes her feel or what it does to her psyche and wellbeing.

Democrats are frauds, charlatans, hypocrites, and gas-lighters who performatively virtue signal while channeling their inner Beelzebub.

They care about one thing and one thing only: power. Power. Power. Power. Power. Power.

Here’s hoping that Navy’s mom properly cares for her. Someone has to.

And it’s apparently not going to be the Bidens.




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